For My Child Learning Center is more than an ordinary daycare. We exist both to enrich and to expand a child’s learning experience while meeting parent’s needs for high-quality childcare. The Center is, in a sense, an extension of the home: teachers, children, and parents working together to provide a quality early childhood environment. We are committed to having lower staff ratios, higher staff qualifications, and ongoing professional development opportunities for our staff and parents, maximizing the systemic efforts of meeting the needs for all involved.

For My Child Learning Center is a skills-based and center-structured environment guided by developmentally appropriate practices. Our dedicated staff of early childhood educators’ nurture, stimulate and prepare infants aged six weeks through six years of age within multi-center locations throughout Louisiana. Children work and play at their own pace on skills that appeal to their individual interests. Various activities focused on different stages of development are provided for the children to explore and experience. 

We strive to meet the Birth to Five Early Learning and Development Standards set forth by the Louisiana Department of Education. These guidelines are a framework of high-quality practices for all caregivers of children birth through five. The guidelines are indicators of how children at certain ages should be progressing. They also contain ideas for caregivers about arranging the environment and suggest interactions and communications that best support this development. With this, our early childhood educators strive to have nurturing relationships with each and every child that stimulate cognitive, physical, social/emotional, and language development. The Center is licensed by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) and is committed to networking with community network partners to ensure that our children are ready to learn when kindergarten approaches.

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